Tickets for the Caps Games

The two games Yvonne and I attended were the Montreal Canadiens, the 24 February fixture, and the Buffalo Sabres on the 26 February fixture.

Following the Montreal game on our way back to our hotel we met Daniela and Tom who were both waiting at the players exit.  Daniela, with her Jaromir Jagr hat and poster, was hoping to get Jaromir's autograph. With the help of the MCI staff member who was guiding the cars out of the arena, Jaromir stopped the car and kindly autographed Daniela's hat and the reverese of my ticket. Awesome ....... With a huge grin on his face, the MCI staff member smiled at us both and said "He never does that!!"

Caps 4 v Montreal 1

Caps 3 v Buffalo Sabres 2