Early days in the UK - Full Sutton team at the Beverley Club

These Continental players produced a fast style against the Beverley side who took some time to get accustomed to the quick service, but G. Watts, H. Coates - recent winner of the C.L.B. championship - and Alan Redhead were outstanding for the Beverley side, each winning two games. A. Merkin, A. Lanceley and G.R. Outhwaite each lost two games but most of the games were close.

The visitors’ No.1 player, Kabrna, adopted a more orthodox style and his manoeuvring for position to bring off a drive was a delight to watch. He failed against Watts in two straight games, meeting a good deal of trouble in dealing with his opponent’s severe chop, but he portrayed some excellent moves against Alan Merkin. The Polish player took Watts to three games in scores of 18/21, 21/16, 21/17.

Wylzak, the latter player, was a quick-fire expert who made the ball travel with remarkable speed across the net in a series of splendid rallies. He lost his second game to H. Coates, whose steady returns at times had the Polish exponent non-plussed.

Alan Redhead, too, found good form and accounted for two successes against Svarc and Riha. Breznovsky was not so fast as his companions but he used a fare amount of spin in which he beat A. Lanceley but lost to Coates. Riha was taken to three games before he defeated Outhwaite and Fiser beat the same player in two straight games.

The evening was a return game, the Beverley side visiting Full Sutton about a month ago. The personnel are engaged at the camp by the Ministry of Labour and when qualified will be found occupation in the mines or agriculture. As regards the table tennis played on Friday it was remarkable to note the control these players had over the ball when using the old-fashioned plain wooden racquets. They were not the possessors of a Barna, Carrington, Leach or any other famous modern make but they could really hit a ball hard. Zdeněk Kabrna had emblazoned on his shirt the former Free Czecho-Slovak Republican badge which he won some ten years ago when he represented his country before it was overun by the Nazis. He was coached by and played for the Club A.C. Sparta.