Nearly for the last time:
Post Velvet Revolution had its affect

This photo was taken in 1991.  The Moravec family lived in a flat off Ječna on V Tůnich.  They had lived here for many years. It was their home.

However, following the velvet revolution, the "original owners" of the building in pre - communist times were once again reunited under the Restitution Laws.  Now the family live on the outskirts of Prague in Petrovice (Prague 10).  The major disadvantage of living here was that you have to take the bus on leaving the metro station.  On leaving the flat in the photo above, within 10 minutes you are on Václavské námĕsti (Wencleslas Square).  The photo scanned of Hradčany is taken from the kitchen window of their flat.

My father has his back to the camera waiting for Luboš to shut the door.  The other figure in the photo is Luboš's sister Vlasta.