Czech Republic's finest beer:
Kabrna's & Moravec's know how to enjoy pivo

When you dig into the mysteries of family history, especially in a country like the Czech Republic, invariably the common denominator that links the people together is their love for their home brewed beers.

Two brands in particular stand out from the crowd.  Perhaps the best one is Pilsner Urquell (the name coined the world famous Pilsner tag), in Czech Plzeňsky Prazdroj.  This was the first bottom-fermented beer and was produced in 1842 in the city of Plzeň.

The other big brewing town is České Budějovice, home to the one and only original Budvar beer.  There are many more excellent brews to be had throughout the Czech Republic.  For instance, a particular favourite of mine is Branik beer.  I could go on and on talking about beers - I think its time I popped across to my fridge and pulled out a Plzeň beer.........