Labour Party Victory

Congratulations to Mr. Zdenek Kabrna, night shift weaver at S & N Textiles in Brierfield, who was elected for Brierfield's South Ward at the recent municipal elections.  Mr. Kabrna who has been a member of the Labour Party for the past two years, captured his seat from his Conservative opponent by only 29 votes, and he says that only three times in the past 40 years has South Ward returned a Labour Councillor.

He attributes his success partly to the hard work and determination of the Labour Party Ward members, and partly to 'people being fed up with the present government in general.'

Mr Kabrna is a Czech by birth. He was following Political & Social Studies at High School in Prague until 1948 when the Communists took over, and he felt he had no alternative but to leave the country.  He is now a naturalized British subject, married to an English girl, and they have two sons, Paul aged 11 and Peter aged 2.

Czech Champion
It is not Politics, however, but table tennis for which Mr. Kabrna is best known at Brierfield.  He was the Czech Junior Champion for three years running, and has played for Czechoslovakia in most of the capitals of Europe - including Moscow.  He was also North Lancashire Champion, and six times Nelson & District Champion, before retiring four years ago when he joined S & N on the night shift.

He also played ice hockey, soccer and basketball, and now lawn tennis when he can find the time.  He has won the Sir Aitken Cup - for tennis - three times in Brieferfield.

Jazz Lover
Now Mr Kabrna has taken a heavy load of work and responsibility with his Council duties, we wish him all success, and hope he manages to find some time to relax playing tennis and - his other great hobby - listening to jazz.