Old Town Square The Memorial to Jan Hus and the Tın Church

The monument memorial to Jan Huss by the sculptor Ladislav Šaloun was unveiled in the middle of the Old Town Square in 1915 on the five hundredth anniversary of this Czech reformer's being burnt at the stake.  Previously a Marian column had stood in the square, the work of Jan Benda from 1650.

In modern history the Old Town Square has many times been the scene of political demonstrations, among others.

Tın Church
The Church of Our Lady Before Tın was once a small Romanesque church that was part of the Tın Court.  It has been a customs house and shelter for foreign merchants.  It was built in the Gothic style at the beginning of the 15th century thus becoming the main church of the Old Town.  Its importance grew in Hussite times when in 1427 Jan Rokycana, later to be Utraquist Archbishop, became the vicar here.  It is a spectacular feature of the Old Town especially pleasant to look at in the evening light.