St. Martins Rotunda in Vyšhrad

The Rotunda of Saint Martin

The Romansque rotunda of St.Martin, from the second half of the 11th century, is the oldest memorial in Vyšehrad to be preserved complete.  Near the rotunda archaeological research has uncovered an ancient cemetary and a paved path from the early days of the castle.  Nothing of the castle has been preserved.

Other monuments to see in Vyšehrad include:  Church of SS. Peter & Paul and the Slavin Cemetary where important Czechs are laid to rest.

Vyšehrad is wreathed in legends, most of which are connected to the origins and beginnings of the Czech state.

Legend says that the fragments of wall on the slopes of the cliff is where Princess Libuše (who married Přemysl the Ploughman thus founding the Přemysl Dynasty) had her baths.  However, it is now thought that the bath represents the remains of a guard house from which supplies and water could be drawn up from the river to the castle.