Cathedral of sv Cyril and Metodĕj

18 June 1942

West of Karlovo námĕstí, on Resslova lies the Cathedral of sv Cyril and Metodĕj.  This was originally constructed for the Roman Catholics in the eighteenth century, but since the 1930's it has been the base of the Orthodox church in the Czech Republic.

It is difficult to imagine the scene here on the 18 June, 1942 because in this church on that day, 7 Czechoslovak secret agents, who were involved with the assassination of World War II German Reinhard Heydrich, fought the Germans.  The secret agents were besieged in the church by hundreds of the Waffen SS.  After a 6 hour struggle, the seven agents committed suicide rather than give themselves up

The photograph above shows part of the south wall at street level which holds a plaque commemorating those who died here.  Local Czech people regularly leave flowers in their memory.  The church crypt where all this took place is open to the public and has been left pretty much as it was in 1942.