Prague Castle with Mala Strana in the foreground Prague Castle (Hrad)

This panorma of Prague Castle has been photographed and painted by many though the view never tires.  Saint Vitas cathedral crowns the magnificent castle with its spendid gothic towers.

In the foreground is Malá Strana where "Mozart" was filmed.

Highlights of Prague Castle include:
a)  Golden Lane - bright little houses, originally for the castle gunners, then of the goldsmiths working for Emperor Rudolph II and later to be shelter for the Prague poor - in fact nothing to do really with alchemy i.e. the making of gold.

b)  The Statues of the Giants on the Entrance Gateway - the stone pillars on entrance to Prague Castle are surmounted by two mighty sandstone statues of battling giants by the sculptor Ignac F. Platzer from 1769.

c)  The Chapel of St. Wenceslas in St. Vitus Cathedral - completed in 1362 - 1364, this is really the heart of the cathedral and a gem of Gothic art.