Good Soldier Švejk

Take the metro to IP Pavlova.  Exit the station and walk up the extremely busy 4-lane Legerova taking the first right along Na bojišti where you will find the pub U Kalicha (The Chalice).  This pub was immortalised by the author Jaroslav Hašek in his consistently popular comic novel The Good Soldier Švejk.

In the story, on the eve of the Great War, Švejk walks into U Kalicha, where a plain-clothes officer of the Austrian constabulary is sitting drinking.  Following a conversation between the two, Švejk finds himself arrested in connection with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

I suggest you read the book from here on.....

Though expensive for Czechs, you can get an excellent goulach providing you insist on the ordinary menu and eat in the bar not the restaurant!