Old Town Clock

This is a popular attraction in the Old Town Square (Staromĕstské nám
ĕstí).  The orloj or Astronomical Clock on the hour mechanically comes into its own with a show of the Apostles appearing then disappearing in turn.  Other characters as shown in the photograph left become animated to let you know that the show is about to commence.

The complex clock face tells not only the current time but also the Old Bohemian time and Babylonian time as well as other things.

The Clock-Maker:
The clock has been here since the early fifteenth century.  The working figures were added in 1490 by a Master Hanuš.  Legend dictates that he was subsequently blinded with a red-hot poker by the town councillors in order to ensure that he could not recreate the work for anyone else.  In retaliation he managed to access the clock and stop it working then died of a heart attack!  The clock stayed broke for over 80 years