Pink Triangle PT Too
Purchased from Howard Popeck
Subjective Audio,
2/4 Camden Street, London, UK

Helius Orion and Kiseki Blue Goldspot Cartridge
Initial purchase 17 December 1983
Turntable £398.24
Helius Scorpio Tonearm £95
Supex 100 Cartridge £56
Upgraded to PT TOO specification on
21 October 1986 for £148.50

Pink Triangle Pacesetter Powersupply

Purchased from Colin Howard,
London Hi Fi Services
33 Foxham Road,

Review abstract from Hi Fi Choice 79 February 1990: Pink Triangle PT TOO
My initial reaction, not to put too fine a point on it, was, "Well, I'll be ....".  I'm accustomed to pretty detailed sound off records, but the PT TOO has an edge on everything I have heard to date in terms of openness and clarity.
  The PT TOO was duly compared to master tapes, and in the midrange and treble regions there's not a lot to choose.  I have no doubt this is one of the mega decks.. For clarity it can be rated as "first class plus", for most other aspects, good to excellent.

Review abstract from HI Fi Answers November 1983: Helius Orion purchased to replace the Helius Scorpio.

Star Performer: Helius' Orion tonearm was introduced at the 1982 Chicago show and since then it has steadily gained a growing reputation among audiophiles as one of the best tonearms available.  My principle impressions of the Orion were always of a tight, clean, well defined sound, with plenty of range and contrast.  Frequencies were well extended at both ends of the spectrum, but above all there was a degree of integration that seemed to allow every cartridge to to work at something close to optimum.  In virtually all other respects the Orion is as good as or better than any other arm I've experienced to date.  So here is yet another outstanding arm and one that in many ways sets new standards for low colouration and effortless reproduction.

Koetsu to Kiseki
The Cartridge, a Kiseki Blue Goldspot £375, purchased on 22 May 1995, was bought to replace my Koetsu Black K.  The difference between the two lies with the bass.  The Koetsu delivered a more extended bass line although the Kiseki overall holds the music together a little better.