Wall-Mounted B & W Speakers
Bower & Wilkins have produced a smart set of speakers for mounting on picture hooks on the wall. Although my Gale 402's are my premiere speaker, our room doesn't accommodate them at the moment. These fantastic looking cherry wood veneer speakers have enabled me to get my Hi Fi back up and running. First impressions: they are a very clear vivid sounding speaker and I suspect perform to their optimum only when combined with other quality components.

They are part of a 5 speaker set for all-round sound supporting Dolby 5.1 etc. but for people in my situation, they acquit themselves very very well as a main HI Fi speaker in their own right.

Review abstract from Hi Fi Sound 1984
Gale 402 Speakers - The Gentlemen's Speaker
The Gale 402 is a development of the 401C and the 401A (the latter a chrome-end capped version).

"The review pair were supplied in light ash with red corner pieces and I can certainly vouch for the standard of finish: quite superb. Similarly impressive was the solid construction of the beast. Playing the track, "This is the House" (Eurythmics), it immediately became apparent that the Gale 402 could really move the air around. Percussion work was very well extended and powerful. The Gales did exhibit superb imaging: you are magically transported across the soundstage. The smooth, powerful, seamless rendition of the Gales has a lot to recommend it. In summary: the Gale 402 is a very powerful and very, very smooth loudspeaker, capable of astonishingly effortless performance at frighteningly high output levels".

I first heard these at the Harrogate Hi Fi Show in the late 1970's or early 1980's) and the sound certainly made an impression on me - so much so that I traded in my Tannoy Cheviots in April 1986 for my Gales.

B and W CDM SNT Speakers

Purchased for £750 from:
 Doug Brady, Warrington, Cheshire.

Gale 402

Purchased for £529 from:
Norman Audio
5 Fishergate Row,
Butler Street, Preston
Lancashire, UK