Review abstract from What Hi Fi May 1994
No ordinary CD Player.  That's how French manufacturer Micromega describes its latest product, the Stage.

Stage 1
Plug it in and there is not much to see on the Stage 1.  Press any of the keys and the Stage 1 comes to life. From the off the Stage 1 sounds sweet, detailed and powerful, effortlessly creating an open soundstage.  Vocals are kept in the foreground but without sounding like they are shouting at you.

The Stage 1 is a fine all-rounder, and when you combine its appealing sonic performance with its ease and elegance of operation then just sit back and enjoy the music.

CD Player

Micromega Stage 1 CD Player £440 (Ex Dem)
 -and Remote Handset -

Purchased from Aston Audio
The Old Forge Cottage,
19 Crossgate,
Leeds, UK