Review abstract from Hi Fi Choice 55 August 1990
In tonal terms the sound of the
MP150 / MF150 combination was smooth and even; strings were a little strained but were certainly not hard or edgy. If only from a subjective standpoint this pre-power combination is particularly suited to CD-based systems, with records as a secondary source. The MOSFET power amp is clearly the more successful of the duo, for the preamp's value - though still high - is inevitably compromised by its flexible but inferior disc stage.. Even so, the keen pricing of the amplifiers, and the good sense of pace and involvement, suggests a qualified recommendation seems most appropriate.

Magnum Pre Power Amplifier

Magnum MP150 Pre-Amplifier - £350

Magnum MF150 Power Amplifier - £350

Purchased from Subjective Audio
2/4 Camden Street,