Jazz Hi Fi system: In order to enjoy good music a reasonably good Hi Fi System helps. �I would probably describe my system as low / middle-of-the-road. I haven't spent anything on it for quite some years now - I suppose more goes into computers and the like.

M first setup was a Goldring Lenco 75 turntable, Pickering cartridge, Amstrad amplifier and Wharfedale Linton speakers. The next upgrade was Japanese-based i.e.  Technics Turntable, Hitachi amplifier and speakers.

In 1980's there was much debate on the merits of� which turntable was the best between Linn Sondek, Logic, and Pink Triangle.� It was very difficult in the 1980's to find Hi Fi shops that stocked both the Linn and the Pink.� I therefore travelled to London (Subjective Audio in Camden) where I was able to audition both decks. Both turntable acquitted themselves extraordinarily well.� I chose the Pink Triangle because it made me feel like I was sat on the front row of the concert, whilst the Linn made me feel I was at the back of the concert hall.

The rest is history and now I can sit back and enjoy good jazz on my Pink Triangle PT TOO turntable, Helius Orion Mk.1 Tonearm, Kiseki Blue Goldspot cartridge, Magnum pre-power amplification, Micromega Stage 1 CD player, Gale 402 loudspeakers and B & W CDM SNT wall mounted speakers.� I also have a Koetsu Black K cartridge that needs re-tipping. Yes, with this system I do enjoy a good drum battle.

PT TOO + Helius Orion + Kiseki Blue Goldspot

Gale 402