Art Ross Trophy: JaromÍr Jagr 2001
Jaromír Jágr, the leading scorer in the NHL is now a Washington Capitals player.

The quote below, taken from the Penguins Message Board, is one that I sympathize with.  I do hope they continue to be successful.

Jaromír Jágr captured his fifth career Art Ross Trophy as the League’s points leader in the regular season, tallying 121 points (52 goals, 69 assists) in 81 games.
Quote from Pens Message Board:  "I have been a diehard penguins fan for years ... I probably know about the penguins more than Mario Lemieux himself.  Penguins Fans, Mario Lemieux and myself will be ****** when they trade JAROMIR JAGR.  Trust me on this, I know they won't make the playoffs with just Mario Lemieux. The only reason Lemieux racked up 76 points is because of JAGR."

Art Ross Trophy

2002 Jarome Iginla, Cal Marcus Naslund, Van
2001 Jaromír Jágr, Pit. Joe Sakic, Col.
2000 Jaromír Jágr, Pit. Pavel Bure, Flo.
1999 Jaromír Jágr, Pit. Teemu Selanne, Ana.
1998 Jaromír Jágr, Pit. Peter Forsberg, Col.
1997 Mario Lemieux, Pit. Teemu Selanne, Ana.
1996 Mario Lemieux, Pit. Jaromír Jágr, Pit.
1995 Jaromír Jágr, Pit. Eric Lindros, Phi.
1994 Wayne Gretzky, L.A. Sergei Fedorov, Det.
1993 Mario Lemieux, Pit. Pat LaFontaine, Buf.
1992 Mario Lemieux, Pit. Kevin Stevens, Pit.
1991 Wayne Gretzky, L.A. Brett Hull, St.L
1990 Wayne Gretzky, L.A. Mark Messier, Edm.
1989 Mario Lemieux, Pit. Wayne Gretzky, L.A.
1988 Mario Lemieux, Pit. Wayne Gretzky, Edm.
1987 Wayne Gretzky, Edm. Jari Kurri, Edm.
1986 Wayne Gretzky, Edm. Mario Lemieux, Pit.
1985 Wayne Gretzky, Edm. Jari Kurri, Edm.
1984 Wayne Gretzky, Edm. Paul Coffey, Edm.
1983 Wayne Gretzky, Edm. Peter Stastny, Que.
1982 Wayne Gretzky, Edm. Mike Bossy, NYI
1981 Wayne Gretzky, Edm. Marcel Dionne, L.A.
1980 Marcel Dionne, L.A. Wayne Gretzky, Edm.
1979 Bryan Trottier, NYI Marcel Dionne, L.A.
1978 Guy Lafleur, Mtl. Bryan Trottier, NYI
1977 Guy Lafleur, Mtl. Marcel Dionne, L.A.
1976 Guy Lafleur, Mtl. Bobby Clarke, Phi.
1975 Bobby Orr, Bos. Phil Esposito, Bos.
1974 Phil Esposito, Bos. Bobby Orr, Bos.
1973 Phil Esposito, Bos. Bobby Clarke, Phi.
1972 Phil Esposito, Bos. Bobby Orr, Bos.
1971 Phil Esposito, Bos. Bobby Orr, Bos.
1970 Bobby Orr, Bos. Phil Esposito, Bos.
1969 Phil Esposito, Bos. Bobby Hull, Chi.
1968 Stan Mikita, Chi. Phil Esposito, Bos.
1967 Stan Mikita, Chi. Bobby Hull, Chi.
1966 Bobby Hull, Chi. Stan Mikita, Chi.
1965 Stan Mikita, Chi. Norm Ullman, Det.
1964 Stan Mikita, Chi. Bobby Hull, Chi.
1963 Gordie Howe, Det. Andy Bathgate, NYR
1962 Bobby Hull, Chi. Andy Bathgate, NYR
1961 Bernie Geoffrion, Mtl. Jean Beliveau, Mtl.
1960 Bobby Hull, Chi. Bronco Horvath, Bos.
1959 Dickie Moore, Mtl. Jean Beliveau, Mtl.
1958 Dickie Moore, Mtl. Henri Richard, Mtl.
1957 Gordie Howe, Det. Ted Lindsay, Det.
1956 Jean Beliveau, Mtl. Gordie Howe, Det.
1955 Bernie Geoffrion, Mtl. Maurice Richard, Mtl.
1954 Gordie Howe, Det. Maurice Richard, Mtl.
1953 Gordie Howe, Det. Ted Lindsay, Det.
1952 Gordie Howe, Det. Ted Lindsay, Det.
1951 Gordie Howe, Det. Maurice Richard, Mtl.
1950 Ted Lindsay, Det. Sid Abel, Det.
1949 Roy Conacher, Chi. Doug Bentley, Chi.
1948* Elmer Lach, Mtl. Buddy O'Connor, NYR
1947 Max Bentley, Chi. Maurice Richard, Mtl.
1946 Max Bentley, Chi. Gaye Stewart, Tor.
1945 Elmer Lach, Mtl. Maurice Richard, Mtl.
1944 Herbie Cain, Bos. Doug Bentley, Chi.
1943 Doug Bentley, Chi. Bill Cowley, Bos.
1942 Bryan Hextall, NYR Lynn Patrick, NYR
1941 Bill Cowley, Bos. Bryan Hextall, NYR
1940 Milt Schmidt, Bos. Woody Dumart, Bos.
1939 Toe Blake, Mtl. Dave Schriner, NYA
1938 Gordie Drillon, Tor. Syl Apps, Tor.
1937 Dave Schriner, NYA Syl Apps, Tor.
1936 Dave Schriner, NYA Marty Barry, Det.
1935 Charlie Conacher, Tor. Syd Howe, St.L-Det.
1934 Charlie Conacher, Tor. Joe Primeau, Tor.
1933 Bill Cook, NYR Harvey Jackson, Tor.
1932 Harvey Jackson, Tor. Joe Primeau, Tor.
1931 Howie Morenz, Mtl. Ebbie Goodfellow, Det.
1930 Cooney Weiland, Bos. Frank Boucher, NYR
1929 Ace Bailey, Tor. Nels Stewart, Mtl.M
1928 Howie Morenz, Mtl. Aurel Joliat, Mtl.
1927 Bill Cook, NYR Dick Irvin, Chi.
1926 Nels Stewart, Mtl.M Cy Denneny, Ott.
1925 Babe Dye, Tor. Cy Denneny, Ott.
1924 Cy Denneny, Ott. Billy Boucher, Mtl.
1923 Babe Dye, Tor. Cy Denneny, Ott.
1922 Punch Broadbent, Ott. Cy Denneny, Ott.
1921 Newsy Lalonde, Mtl. Cy Denneny, Ott.
1920 Joe Malone, Que. Newsy Lalonde, Mtl.
1919 Newsy Lalonde, Mtl. Odie Cleghorn, Mtl.
1918 Joe Malone, Mtl. Cy Denneny, Ott.