Although my father excelled at table tennis he certainly never showed much interest in coaching me.  Clearly his best years had been left in Czechoslovakia and more importantly the progress of the Czech National Ice Hockey team was of much more interest to him.

So much so that I have memories of an excellent Czechoslovak side who scored a memorable victory over the mighty Soviet Union (though I believe they still didn't win the tournament).  Two players that I can remember are Golonka and Nedomansky.  I would expect Ivan Hlinka was a proud member of this side too.

Following the 'Velevet Revolution', Czechoslovakia hosted the 1992 World Championships between 28th April and 10th May.  Ivan Hlinka was the Coach of the Czech team.  At training camp during the tournament he spent a little time with father who had returned to Prague to for the tournament.  Also my father collected his autograph which I hold safely in my desk!