Yvonne James, Andrew James & Zdenek Kabrna

Head Chef: Peter Brandstatter

Main Restaurant

Jager Stube (Function Romm)


Beghof Brandstatter

Formally the Bay Horse Inn circa 1714, it is steeped in local history and one of the oldest licensed premises in the Calderdale area. It had been thoughfully converted to bring you a taste of Austrian hospitality and Gemutlichkeit

The Austrian chef/proprietor Peter Brandstatter and his wife Kathy have created in the Berghof Restaurant a scene straight from an Austrian Gasthof. The Berghof Hotel, as its name implies (House on the Mountain), stands in the elevated village of Cross Stone enjoying splendid panoramic views of the surrounding Pennine Hills. The nearest town is Todmorden situated in the valley below.

Serving traditional Austrian specialties, the restaurant has gained a reputation for excellence and friendliness making the venue ideal for that special occasion. The hearty atmosphere inside is complimented by both the waitresses in their colourful dirndls and the brightly painted pelmets, wood floors and pine furnishings, not to mention the multi-talented chef, Peter Brandstatter who is an accomplished after dinner accordion player.

Menu choices of the past!

Soups and Appetisers
Beef consommé with either liver dumpling, semolina dumpling, shredded pancake

Liptauer kase curd cheese paprika & herbs

Speck teller Austrian air dried ham

Wurst teller salami & smoked meats

Austrian pancake potato pastry filled with savoury meat, deep fried

Venison steakettes with red wine game sauce

Wild boar dumplings with pepper sauce

Main Courses
Hirsch ragout venison casserole

Wild schwein pfeffer peppered wild boar casserole

Rinds gulasch a spicy beef stew with tomato, paprika, garlic, caraway

Zwiebelrostbraten rib steak coated in German mustard, pan fried, topped with fried onion

Knoblauchrostbraten rib steak pan fried with garlic served with a demi-glace

Schwein: pan fried in seasoned breadcrumbs

Champignon: with a cream mushroom sauce

Pfeffer: with a cream pepper sauc

Rahm:cooked in a sour cream sauce

Jager: server with paprika sauce topped with bacon, onions & mushrooms

Kase: with garlic salami & tilsiter cheese

Strudel (Apple, Plum)

Ice Cream (Swiss)

Pancake with fruit of the forests sause