Greenberfield Locks

Greenberfield Lanes, which takes you down to Greenberfield Locks is part of the Roman Road along with Brogden Lane. The locks lie on the well known Leeds - Liverpool Canal, once a major transport system during the Industrial Revolution.  The locks raise the canal to the summit level of 160 metres above sea-level. Between Greenberfield Locks and the locks in Barrowford lies the Foulrdige Mile (1¾ km) Tunnel.

Now its more commonly used for tourism. Even if you don't wish to venture onto the canal barges, there is a pleasant area set aside for 'visitors just to sit, eat, drink and relax. There are three locks with a very well maintained towpath popular with walkers.  A popular route is to leave your car at Greenberfield and walk back towards Barnoldswick following the towpath and passing, or pausing, at the Anchor Inn at Salterforth.   Depending on the season, an abundance of flora and fauna can be seen. There is a profusion of wild flowers and mallards, coots and moorhens can be observed, with the occasional kingfisher and heron making an appearance.